Prosecutor of Lamonte McIntyre threatened witness in another case

A federal judge in Kansas this week issued a harshly worded order finding federal prosecutor Terra Morehead improperly withheld evidence and, during trial, threatened a witness with perjury charges if the witness testified for the defense in a drug case. The misconduct by Morehead mirrors the allegations against her in the case of Lamonte McIntyre, who spent 23 years in custody before his wrongful conviction was overturned in October.

Judge tells Cook County: Do not cut circuit judges’ funding, for now

A visiting Lake County circuit judge on Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order directing Cook County not to cut funding for court employees until a hearing can be held on the chief judge’s lawsuit against the board. The county had contended the cutbacks were necessary after the controversial soda tax was repealed. But the judge ruled that the risk of harm was too great to permit the cutbacks without a further hearing.