New reasons, same result: Obstacles to minority vote

Some regions have shut polling places to “save money.” Some states require voters to carry approved identification in order to avoid fraud. Not too long ago, different laws also impacted minorities; but in those days, the reason was explicit.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Not all sub-circuit judges are Oliver Wendell Holmes

Richard Cooke may not have longstanding ties to the 6th Cook County judicial sub-circuit on Chicago’s North Side, but no matter. As the Sun-Times noted, after spending $67,000 to local politicians, he is running unopposed to fill a vacancy in his newly-adopted home. Farther south, Matthew Link is running unopposed for a seat in the 14th Cook County judicial sub-circuit. Though he was not recommended by various bar associations after ducking their evaluation process, Link has been serving for years as an attorney to the City Council committee chaired by powerful alderman Edward Burke. While two candidates with mixed ratings are battling for a vacancy in the 5th sub-circuit, which hugs Lake Michigan on the South Side, four different candidates with positive ratings are vying for single seats in both the 10th and 12th sub-circuits.

Alvarez letter

Anatomy of an audacious Alvarez lie

I’m not sure which offends me more — a naked falsehood that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez propounded in a letter to the editor published in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune or the newspaper’s naked irresponsibility in letting her get away with it.