Chicago medical resident returns, days after visa “cancelled”

On Sunday U.S. officials marked the visa of medical resident Amer Al Homssi “cancelled,” leaving him stranded in Abu Dhabi and facing the threat of being sent to Syria. Five days later, after a federal lawsuit, Homssi returned to Chicago, where he will soon be back seeing patients at Advocate Christ Medical Center.

Illinois appellate judge accuses colleagues of stifling dissent

In a strikingly personal tone, Appellate Justice Michael Hyman complains his colleagues refused his request to publish the opinion in Illinois court decisions: signaling that his dissent was unimportant. The opinion calls on the Illinois Supreme Court to change the rule so dissent is not stifled.

Wrongful convictions haunt prosecutors, victims as well as suspects

It is not just the person wrongly convicted who suffers when a miscarriage of justice occurs. As Jeanne Bishop and Mark Osler observe in their newly-published article, “All of criminal law is tragedy. Every bit of it is tragedy. It is difficult to be the person who is ground through the machinery of criminal law, but it is difficult and wearing to be the gears as well. “