Created Equal: The Kiss (Episode 1)

Created Equal is a series of six 20-minute podcasts that explores the impact of inequality through history. Co-hosted by Pulitzer prize-winning commentator and Injustice Watch contributing editor Stephen Henderson and award-winning audio producer/journalist Laura Weber-Davis, the episodes also are being aired on Detroit’s WDET.

“Inequality is an important American issue, maybe the American issue,” said Henderson. “And using the lens of history, we can tell great, unexpected stories about where we are with inequality today.”

Created Equal is part of WDET’s commitment to the Detroit Journalism Cooperative (DJC), a partnership including Detroit Public Television (DPTV), Michigan Radio, The Center for Michigan’s Bridge Magazine, and New Michigan Media, a partnership of ethnic and minority newspapers. The partners’ work can be viewed at

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Here’s Episode 1: The Kiss.