Wash Post: “Perfect storm of deceit”

Wonder what Chicago looks like to other places? The Washington Post editorial Wednesday spells it out:

A perfect storm of deceit in Chicago:

THE JUSTICE Department investigation of Chicago’s trigger-happy police department, announced Monday by Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, is welcome. It is also long overdue.

For years, watchdogs, lawyers and journalists have documented instances of police misconduct, including violent episodes caught on video and then subjected to the same silent treatment that nearly buried the death of black teenager Laquan McDonald, who was shot to death by a white Chicago police officer in October 2014.

What distinguished the McDonald case, which has now triggered the federal investigation, is that the officer’s actions appear so outrageous, the city’s coverup so blatant and the official line so thoroughly discredited by the release of a video , which Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s (D) administration tried so hard to keep under wraps.

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