Judicial election guide banner. Illustrated photos of judges with hands filling out check boxes and the words Check Your Judges.

The Illinois general election will be held on Nov. 8. This year, there are 61 judges running for retention in Cook County, meaning they are asking voters to give them another term. Voters will have a chance to say “yes” or “no” to keeping them on the bench and each judge has to get at least 60% yes votes to continue their service.

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Judges are powerful public officials who play a critical role in society. But many voters know little about the people at the bottom of their ballot.

For that reason, every election cycle, Injustice Watch compiles a judicial election guide with information about the people running for judge in Cook County. We research candidates’ histories, talk to people who know them, review public records, and compile ratings from legal groups to provide the most in-depth judicial election guide to Cook County voters. We don’t make recommendations or endorsements. Instead, we provide as much information as we can so voters can make an informed decision.

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