A bleak but fascinating picture: “The Chicago way.”

Soon after Bettye Jones was shot to death by police last December — an innocent bystander who opened the front door as police responded to call from a West Side apartment — gang members kicked in the front door of the family’s apartment and ransacked it, posting pictures on Facebook.

What are the police doing to recover the stolen items? “They ain’t doing nothing,” says another family member. Life in her district, writes Simone Weichselbaum in The Marshall Project — has become a place of “too much policing and too little policing — both at the same time.”

This look at the department asks a key question: How does a city with so many policing problems become the model for the nation’s efforts to reform police-community relations?

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Among the great detail in this article: The worst neighborhoods are patrolled by the least-experienced officers; those with more experience or better connections get to choose jobs in safer places.