Injustice Watch names key staffers, expansion continuing

Time for a little news about ourselves. First, we’re thrilled to say two veteran journalists have joined our staff.

Larry Green has joined us in Chicago as a senior reporter. Injustice Watch is just the latest stop for Larry in his long and distinguished career: As investigative reporter and foreign correspondent at the Chicago Daily News; as longtime national correspondent, based in Chicago, for the Los Angeles Times; and as managing editor at the Chicago Sun-Times. Larry’s history of breaking news about the justice system in Chicago goes back to exposing, with Rob Warden, the existence of the “Red Squad” of the Chicago police, a team that was focused more on spying on political opponents of the mayor than on potential terrorists.

Jim Asher has joined us as the Washington editor, based in the District of Columbia. Jim had a long and distinguished reporting career at the Philadelphia Inquirer before becoming an editor in Philadelphia, then at the Baltimore Sun, and most recently as the Washington bureau chief of McClatchy Newspapers. Jim’s last effort at McClatchy was to serve as the United States editor of the recently released “Panama Papers,” a team effort of reporters around the world through collaboration of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

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Careful readers may have seen the news of Jim’s arrival tucked into the New York Times public editor’s column this week, explaining why McClatchy and not the New York Times had broken the Panama Papers project. We are confident this will not be the last time other publications are left to explain why Jim, and Injustice Watch, were the source of big, important projects exposing social injustice.

While we’re at it, we should introduce other new faces we are excited to have at Injustice Watch:

  • Adrienne Hurst, who received her master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern last May, then worked at Chicago Magazine especially on social media and the website, has joined our staff as a reporting fellow. Adrienne’s byline has already started appearing, most recently on the article noting the history of Chicago mayors’s pattern of choosing the police superintendent they want, outside committee or no outside committee.
  • Camille Darko, a Northwestern senior in Legal Studies and African Affairs, has joined our staff as an intern.
  • Gabrielle Morris, who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the American Academy of Art, has joined our staff as an intern specializing in photography.

More news of our growth is coming shortly. We’re proud of how we’ve grown since we launched our website, four months ago. But we now are working to raise our work another level, serving as a critical voice on issues of social injustice in the Chicago region and across the country. Hope you subscribe, visit our site often, and share your thoughts.