Early morning report: Cook County judicial races, 2018

Cook County voters appeared Tuesday night to have filled judicial openings with candidates not marred by public blemishes.

Voters tended to favor candidates who had won approval from the bar associations and had not had critical news accounts.

The Sun-Times is reporting the numbers.

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They showed among contested races, as of 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, with 3,553 of 3668 precincts in the county reporting:

Longtime Cook County Assistant Public Defender Kathryn Maloney Vahey was leading two challengers with 43.7 percent of the vote.

Longtime Assistant State’s Attorney Kathaleen T. Lanahan had captured 37.3 percent over three challengers.

Longtime prosecutor Athanasios “Tom” Sianis, co-owner of the Billy Goat Taverns, had won 35.9 percent of the vote over two challengers. Sianis held the inconclusive lead over longtime public defender Timothy Leeming, whose wife already serves as a judge, and Corri Fetman, a divorce lawyer who previously wrote a column for Playboy magazine and whom a local group ran an attack ad against.

Longtime Assistant Public Defender Preston Jones, Jr. captured 47 percent of the vote against three challengers, including Ioana Salajanu, who had invested heavily in advertising in her unsuccessful race.

Cecilia A. Horan, a former personal injury lawyer already filling a vacancy, held 78.2 percent of the vote against one challenger.

Clare J. Quish, who had been appointed to a vacancy on the court after she who worked as a private attorney and longtime clerk to Mary Jane Theis when Theis was on the  Illinois Appellate Court, captured 64.7 percent of the vote against two candidates.

Peter Gonzalez, a former public defender and private lawyer who has been serving by appointment to the bench, held 50.9 percent of the vote over two competitors, including longtime district attorney Brian Sexton. Injustice Watch reported that Sexton had been rated “highly qualified” by the Illinois State Bar, but had in one case been chided by a federal judge for offering false testimony about what a gang expert had testified during a state court trial.

Jack J. Hagerty, private attorney, held 57.9 percent of the vote against one challenger.

As of 1:30 a.m., leading their Democratic races in subcircuit races around the county were Erika Orr, Tiana Blakely, Adrienne Davis, Toya Harvey, Ieshia Gray, Debra Seaton, Arthur Willis, Kevin P. Cunningham, David R. Navarro, John A. O’Meara, H. Yvonne Coleman, Marian Perkins, Robert Harris, Kent Delgado, Andrea Webber, Linda Perez, James “Jamie” Shapiro, Lindsay Hugé, Jeanne Wrenn, Stephanie Saltouros, Colleen Reardon Daly, Joanne Rosado, Joel Chupack, Beatriz A. Frausto-Sandoval, Michael B. Barrett, and Scott McKenna.  

On the Republican side, few candidates appeared. Of the contested races, the leaders as of 1:30 a.m were David Studenroth, Gary Seyring, and Daniel Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald defeated Michael Gerber, a longtime assistant Cook County State’s Attorney whose false statements to a jury in a murder arson caused a fellow Cook County judge to order a new trial.