Amid push to unseat some Cook County judges, others stand out as exceptional

The upcoming retention election for 59 Cook County circuit judges has drawn attention for the handful of judges on the ballot whose record is marred by controversial past actions. Less attention-getting are the judges on the ballot whose work has been exemplary. A complete guide to all the judges on the ballot can be found in the Injustice Watch guide.

Kinsella Liebich

After 14 years, DuPage judge overturns murder conviction

Randy Liebich was convicted in 2002 of murdering two-year-old Steven Quinn, based on head injuries that doctors identified after Quinn, unresponsive, was rushed to the hospital. That conviction was overturned amid doubts that the injuries implicated Liebich, who had been caring for Quinn, as the murderer.

Study: Van Dyke’s complaint history could have foretold shooting of McDonald

Two law professors studied 12 years of police complaint data and discovered officers with the most civilian complaints were more likely to later engage in acts that led to major lawsuits. The number of complaints against Van Dyke, the authors found, put him in the top three percent, a level that made him more likely to be the subject of civil rights lawsuits and payouts.