Prosecutor of Lamonte McIntyre threatened witness in another case

A federal judge in Kansas this week issued a harshly worded order finding federal prosecutor Terra Morehead improperly withheld evidence and, during trial, threatened a witness with perjury charges if the witness testified for the defense in a drug case. The misconduct by Morehead mirrors the allegations against her in the case of Lamonte McIntyre, who spent 23 years in custody before his wrongful conviction was overturned in October.

Five years of waiting in jail, then a quick jury acquittal

Omar Williams was detained for five years, eight months and twelve days on charges of murder. In less than two hours, 12 jurors acquitted him. Williams’s case offered a striking view of just how slowly Cook County’s wheels of justice can move, how askew justice can go and the toll it can take on the lives of those caught up in the system.