A sign urges Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to sign House Bill 4469

Rauner: Won’t sign bill to ease voting by jail inmates without changes

The Illinois governor said he could not support giving jail inmates easier access to vote, as long as the bill also included a provision that required corrections officials to make sure prisoners knew their voting rights upon release. The bill’s disappointed sponsor contends that the bill only required corrections officials to put voting rights literature into the packet handed to prisoners as they are freed.

Joy Williams at podium

Groups push Rauner on bill to ease voting by jail inmates

The organization Chicago Votes gathered 28,000 signatures as part of its effort, along with other progressive organizations and public officials, to convince the governor to sign into law a bill to make voting easier for those locked up in Illinois county jails. A spokesperson for the governor said he is weighing a variety of bills on his desk.

Drama erupts around conviction integrity unit, Kansas City case

More than 50 current and former law enforcement officials have signed a letter backing the creation of a conviction integrity unit in Kansas City, Kansas after a high profile exoneration uncovered flaws in the justice system there last year. Police and the local district attorney disagree on whether the local prosecutor should have authority to reexamine cases.