Editor’s note: This poem is part of our #SpreadTheWord poem of the week series, featuring work by Chicago artists based on Injustice Watch reporting. The poem was inspired by our ‘Essential Work‘ series. For more poetry in this series, click here.

Andrean Jacobs

Fly high super black girl.

      Being a black girl in America is like tiptoeing through a lion’s den with sliced achilles. Wearing my armor of faith, a shield of hope, and a spirit of love. No weapon in hand but a weapon in prayer, requesting that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Investigations that expose, influence and inform. Emailed directly to you.


Quenching my thirst with knowledge And feeding on the word… I mutate. In a place not safe. A world that has transformed to harm me. Nigh invulnerability is my ally America is too suffused with color hate for me to find solace. With super speed I keep moving, fear is not an option. With persistence moving my right foot, and resiliency moving my left. His mercy and grace increases my faith to

one day believe… I will soar.



Andrean Brown-Jacobs has extensive knowledge in the helping field and overall improvement of people. One of her mottos is, “If you knew better, you would do better!” Andrean Brown-Jacobs is an advocate of the health and well being of others in the Long Beach and surrounding communities. It’s very important to her to bring awareness, educate, and to provide resources to people in need. In addition to her everyday job, she works extensively in the community empowering women through various workshops and through resource referrals. She graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and holds a BA in Human Services and a Master’s Degree in Social Impact from Claremont Lincoln University.  In her free time, Andrean Jacobs has a true passion for writing and has written four books.