Our commitment to anti-racism

We, the Injustice Watch staff, feel pain and anger, like so many in our community, over the police killing of George Floyd and the systemic racism his death represents. The list of Black people whose lives have been cut short by police brutality is excruciatingly long. Each name reminds us of the human cost of police violence and white supremacy. Each compels us to affirm unequivocally that Black lives matter.

We remain committed to exposing institutional injustices through rigorous investigative reporting. Yet we acknowledge the many ways we have fallen short. We have not done enough to name racism and the role it plays in the criminal justice system. We’ve often failed to center the voices and experiences of Black people and other impacted communities in our reporting. Moreover, we’ve lacked the intentionality and investment necessary to foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our newsroom.

We can and we must do better.

We are committed to anti-racism and to building a just and equitable society. We know that this work begins by looking at ourselves and how we uphold systems of oppression. Too often, news organizations have reinforced and perpetuated racism and other harmful systems. We commit to dismantling those systems in our newsroom, in our journalism, and in the virtual and physical spaces where we engage with audiences around our work. We know it’s the only way we can build your trust and also uphold the truth and accuracy of our reporting. And we’re asking you, our readers and our community, to help hold us accountable when we fall short.

In solidarity,

The Injustice Watch staff

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