Injustice Watch announces journalism partnership with the Chicago Tribune

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Injustice Watch and the Chicago Tribune will be partnering on reporting and community engagement projects examining critical issues shaping life in Chicagoland.

We aim to spotlight the resilience of the residents in this region and reach more people in marginalized and underserved communities in both the city and suburbs. Our two newsrooms are unique, with different styles, audiences, and histories. But our commitment to public service and investigative journalism unites us.

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The stakes are high. These are fraught times, from the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating public health and socio-economic impact to essential conversations around race, class, immigration, and the environment. We plan to produce journalism that bridges divides and brings more clarity and urgency to issues of concern to all people of this region. While cries ring out about the supposed death of local news, we’re working together to better serve Chicagoland with insights residents can use to hold power to account.

Because this partnership centers on the people who live here, this is also an opportunity to collaborate with our readers. Over the next 18 months, the Chicago Tribune and Injustice Watch plan to host a series of conversations and events, creating opportunities for you to help shape the work we do. We want to hear about your experiences, observations, and ideas for solutions.

We’re kicking this partnership off by examining issues related to the aging immigrant population. We invite you to learn more about our first project and share your questions and concerns with us here.