Five years of waiting in jail, then a quick jury acquittal

Omar Williams was detained for five years, eight months and twelve days on charges of murder. In less than two hours, 12 jurors acquitted him. Williams’s case offered a striking view of just how slowly Cook County’s wheels of justice can move, how askew justice can go and the toll it can take on the lives of those caught up in the system.

US judge: Prison officials wrong to punish inmate for rude letter to governor

A prisoner was put in solitary for a month for writing a letter to former Gov. Quinn denouncing him in obscene terms over the prisoner’s cell conditions. A federal judge ruled that two prison officials violated the Constitution when they sent the inmate to solitary confinement for a month because they found him “insolent” for writing the letter.

Cook County 2016 Election Guide: The judges up for retention

On November 8, Cook County voters will once again be asked to decide on which Circuit Court judges should be retained. An alliance of 11 bar associations review and rate the judges. Injustice Watch reviewed those evaluations, and compiled the findings. We especially focused on the evaluations of three bar associations: The Chicago Bar Association (CBA), the Chicago Council of Lawyers (CCL) and the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA). What follows is our breakdown. Partisan judicial races will also be on the ballot.