About Injustice Watch

Welcome to Injustice Watch, an organization launched late last year with a clear goal: To expose institutional failures that stand in the way of a just and fair society.

To our minds, there is a tremendous need for original journalism that goes far below the surface, and we will undertake the kind of public policy research that is vital in our increasingly complex world. We believe in digging deep into complex issues – identifying recurring problems, revealing their underlying sources, and helping people understand the patterns and practices that stand in the way of justice.

At a time when traditional journalism has been undermined by financial, technological, and cultural challenges, Injustice Watch is dedicated to helping create a well-informed citizenry to seek out and fight for justice.

For us, undertaking original research into institutional failings means gathering mounds of information, using that information to build robust databases, and conducting thorough analyses that reveal trends and provide fact-based support for positive solutions.

We’ll also reach for new tools to make information accessible, presenting our findings through digital reports, audio recordings, video pieces, and interactive graphics. We’ll produce work on this site, as well as on the sites of partner organizations.

Preparing the next generation is an important goal of Injustice Watch. We take seriously the need to provide mentoring into doing responsible, reliable research – the kind of training that has become endangered as the budgets of traditional news organizations have shrunk. With this in mind, we will mentor and train students and recent graduates in undertaking accurate, deep research into systemic problems.

We’re doing this as a not-for-profit organization, so we welcome financial support to help do more and better. But we can promise that contributions won’t drive our reporting: We are proud of being an independent, non-partisan voice, and you can count on that.

— Rob Warden and Rick Tulsky, co-directors

Thank you to the following generous donors for making Injustice Watch possible:

  • The Park Avenue Charitable Fund
  • The Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation
  • John Grisham
  • Al Alschuler
  • Alexander Starace
  • Marc Rosenbaum
  • Loevy & Loevy
  • Nina Kathryn Ryan
  • David Block
  • Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Rennard
  • Clark Bell
  • The Robert R. McCormick Foundation
  • The McClatchy Co. Foundation
  • Leonard C. Goodman
  • Julie Rivken Wheeler
  • Rob and Jennifer Warden
  • Carol Schepp
  • Amber Hoerner
  • Susan Swanson
  • Charles Hoffman
  • Don and Sandy Rubovits
  • Liz Willen
  • Alan Neff
  • Philip Kayman
  • Johanna Zorn
  • Robert Graham
  • Bill and Diane Marimow
  • Walt Bogdanich
  • Aviva Futorian
  • Joseph and Pat Wilkinson
  • Fred Rubin
  • Connie Langland
  • Andrew Lubetkin
  • Richard and Kitz Goodman
  • Austin Hirsch
  • George Draper
  • Michael and Sarah Alter
  • Vicki Lafer Abrahamson
  • Gordon and Margaret Mallett
  • Karen Weil and Mark Morris
  • Rick and Kim Tulsky

We also offer sincere and deep thanks to Jenner & Block, Chicago for their pro bono representation.