Kinsella Liebich

After 14 years, DuPage judge overturns murder conviction

Randy Liebich was convicted in 2002 of murdering two-year-old Steven Quinn, based on head injuries that doctors identified after Quinn, unresponsive, was rushed to the hospital. That conviction was overturned amid doubts that the injuries implicated Liebich, who had been caring for Quinn, as the murderer.

DuPage courthouse

Update: Medical examiner in Dupage murder raises doubts

The medical examiner whose testimony in DuPage County post-trial proceedings on whether convicted murderer Randy Liebich should be granted a new trial told Injustice Watch on Thursday that she is concerned the investigation into the death of toddler Steven Quinn was inadequate.

Kinsella Liebich

DuPage judge considers overturning 2004 murder conviction on flawed evidence

Randy Liebich, convicted in 2004 of beating to death his girlfriend’s two-year-old son, awaits a decision by a DuPage County judge on whether his conviction will be overturned based on available medical evidence calling into question whether the child could have been injured while in Liebich’s care. Defense attorneys did not present such evidence at the original trial.

Life on the line: Prisoner seeks to prove wrongly convicted of Chicago murder

Carl Williams was convicted of being part of a group that committed a carjacking, rape, and murder. Three members of the group said he was involved, and he confessed. But the three other suspects, and Williams, have since said he had nothing to do with it, and that Chicago police coerced their statements. After years of delay, Carl Williams’s day in court approaches.