superior To me

Do you feel superior when the dawn breaks/or is it only when you see me/seemingly broken by the loaded words “strip search” /an unearthing of women and our resilience

China cabinets

Editor’s note: This poem is part of our #SpreadTheWord poem of the week series, featuring work by Chicago artists based on Injustice Watch reporting. This poem was inspired by a 2017 story by Jeanne Kuang, Will border wall stop illegal immigration? Not hardly, report says. For more poetry in this series, click here. She told me that growing up

Grief was a China Cabinet

And in her neighborhood

Everybody ate off plastic

Because it was safer for the children

And you couldn’t always trust guests

But after the dishes were washed and put away

Sometimes Mama would lay her hands on the
Red-stained wood once green with life

And a lone tear would float gentle like Moses
Toward the palace

A dangerous act of Faith and a small step
Toward Freedom.