Alvarez off the hook for libel — by the skin of her teeth

Rob Warden writes that though he opposes the idea of defamation suits, he can’t help taking pleasure in the Illinois Appellate Court this week reinstating a libel suit by a private investigator who contends that he was falsely accused of misconduct in the course of a high-profile exoneration.

Tuohy: A friend, a legend

Injustice Watch co-founder Rob Warden reflects on the death of Jim Tuohy, a journalism legend who helped expose the kind of judicial corruption ultimately exposed in Greylord.

Larry Ray Swearingen

Larry Swearingen: Executed despite defense contention “provably innocent”

This is the first in a series of cases that Injustice Watch is featuring over coming weeks called “Unrequired Innocence.” Each of the
cases involves defendants given death sentences who have not been exonerated, despite significant evidence that emerged casting doubt on their guilt. The case of Larry Swearingen represents the only one of these cases in which the defendant has been executed.