Gerald Berry, 16 in this photo, holding his baby brother Kendrick. Berry is serving life in prison on a felony murder conviction.

Illinois changed its controversial ‘felony murder rule.’ Here’s who the reform left behind.

Illinois recently made changes to narrow the scope of the law, which disproportionately impacts young people of color and women. But advocates say the reforms don’t go far enough. And an Injustice Watch analysis shows that at least dozens of people are locked in state prisons on murder charges that likely wouldn’t have been filed if the crime happened today.

In Mount Prospect, a village divided over the ‘thin blue line’

Mount Prospect, Ill. is the latest of dozens of U.S. cities and towns to take steps toward restricting use of the ‘thin blue line’ by police and other government agencies. The controversial symbol has become a focal point for community tensions over race and policing in recent years — especially in the wake of the nationwide protests against police violence last summer.