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An Aurora Police car

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An Aurora police car.

Injustice Watch is digging into police complaints, internal investigative files, personnel files and lawsuits to find out what police misconduct and accountability looks like in Aurora. But we need your help. Data and records can only tell us so much. We want to hear from you about your experiences with and feelings about the Aurora Police Department.

Be a part of our reporting process and help us generate the information you need on this issue. What questions or concerns do you have about police accountability in Aurora? What resources do you—or someone you know—wish you’d had when dealing with the Aurora Police Department?

Help us by answering some questions below or reach out to our reporter, Rita Oceguera. She can be contacted by phone or text message at (331) 704-0868. If you want to contact us more securely, you can call or text using Signal, an encrypted messaging app, at the same number. Or you can email her at [email protected]. Rita is fluent in Spanish.

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WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY: We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and respect the ownership you hold of your story. Injustice Watch is gathering this information for our reporting and will not publish it without your permission.

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We appreciate your help. Please share and help us reach as many people as possible in order to better understand what’s going on with policing in Aurora.

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